Concerning Examples Of Your Potential Reliance On Alcohol

Lots of people drink for various reasons and don't have trouble with doing so, but this isn't the case for many others. People who struggle with alcohol often rely on this substance at various points in their lives. Relying on a substance such as alcohol, which has a number of concerning health side effects, especially when you drink excessively, can definitely be an indicator that you need to get help with your drinking. If you notice the following examples of reliance on alcohol in yourself, it's time to admit that you have a problem and seek the help of a counselor for alcohol addiction treatment.

Drinking To Deal With Stressful Situations 

Many people see alcohol as a substance that will help them cope with situations that are stressful. There are many such examples of how you might use alcohol in this manner in your life. For example, perhaps you have your in-laws coming over for dinner and you don't get along well with them. It could be tempting to have a few drinks on your own beforehand to help you relax and be less stressed. Or, you could be going to a funeral for someone you cared about, and be stressed about being in this environment. In such a scenario, you might rationalize that a few drinks would make the funeral more bearable.

Drinking To Boost Your Mood

Even though alcohol is a depressant, those who have a problem with it often rely on alcohol to boost their mood — even though any euphoria that you experience is short lived, and often followed by depression-like feelings. It's an unhealthy habit to drink with the intention of boosting your mood. Perhaps you've had a bad day at work or a fight with a friend or significant other. You might tell yourself that a few drinks would help you to get over the issue and feel better.

Drinking To Get Through The Day

A sign that your problem with alcohol has progressed is that you feel that you must rely on this substance to get through the day. This is a situation in which many alcoholics find themselves. You may feel as though you wouldn't be able to function without having a few drinks. One of the problems with being in this scenario is that you can be tempted to drink early in the day. In some cases, you might even be having a few drinks before work to get through the workday, and you might even have alcohol at work to further give yourself the illusion of making it through the day.