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Counseling Really Can Help Your Marriage


Baby Steps: The Process Of Adoption

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For couples who are struggling with fertility issues or for those who are just looking to give a baby a good home, adoption is often a viable option. In the United States, there are many children who get adopted into loving homes each year. If you’re considering adoption, it is important to know and understand the steps involved in the process. Once you know how adoption works, you can be prepared to bring a beautiful child into your family and home. Choose an Agency Adoption agencies serve as a way to help new prospective parents find a child to adopt, perform screenings, and help ensure the safety of the child and that he or she is adopted into a good home. Find a few local adoption agencies, and do some research to determine which one will serve your needs best. It’s recommended that you get a few personal referrals from happy parents who have found success there.  Undergo a Home Study After you’ve chosen an agency to use, you’ll need to have a home study performed by a social worker. The purpose of this study is to ensure that the child being adopted will come into a safe and loving home. The study will ask you and your spouse for several pieces of information including credit and employment checks, criminal record checks, and personal interviews with you. They may also ask for personal references and do some interviewing of friends and family members. Typically, there is also a minimum of one in-home visit with you and your spouse, and sometimes several in-home visits are performed. Choose a Child to Adopt After you’ve passed the home study stage, it is time to begin looking for a child to adopt. Your name will go on a list with other parents who are now eligible to adopt, and you can begin working with the agency to find the right child for you. The agency will ask if you prefer a boy or girl, as well as if you’d rather adopt a baby, toddler, or even an older child. Once you tell the agency your criteria, they will begin to assist you in your search. For many adoptive parents, they must be placed on a waiting list until a child is available. Placement and Adoption Your adoption agency will contact you as soon as you’ve been selected to choose a child for placement. You will then have an opportunity to meet the child and spend some time with him or her. If everything works out, the agency will assist you with filing for official adoption. In most states, you need to file a petition with the court for intent to adopt. As soon as this part of the process is complete, you’re officially new parents to a loving child.  Contact a service like Pregnancy Resources to learn...

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Are You Skeptical About Premarital Counseling? Don’t Skip It To Help Your Christian Marriage

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If you are marrying someone with strong Christian beliefs and you haven’t been raise with as strong as a Christian background, you may want to consider premarital Christian marriage counseling to help strengthen the marriage. Not only will it help strengthen the marriage, but it will provide you with information you may not get anywhere else. There are many things that you can discuss in counseling that you may not feel comfortable asking your soon-to-be spouse about when you’re alone. Here are a few things you should make sure you bring up with your counselor. Finances There are many couples from every different religion that don’t talk about finances before marriage, or they don’t open up to their spouse about debts and other financial concerns. You should know what type of potential debt your spouse may be bringing to the marriage, and they should know about yours. In premarital counseling, you should get a finance booklet to help you set a budget, save, and plan for the future. Dedication to Faith How often will the two of you go to church, or participate in church related events? If your soon-to-be spouse wants to be at the church several nights a week and at service on Saturday or Sunday, and you think that just one day a week will be sufficient, the counselor can help you find an agreement. The two of you can work together to find a healthy balance that helps both of you. Children Maybe you think that one or two kids are enough because of finances and your current age, but your spouse wants more. Talking about how many children you’re going to have, if you are going to use contraceptive and other things before you walk down the aisle is crucial, and it’s best not to assume you know what your spouse wants. Work after Children Are you planning on not working after you have kids, or is your fiancée planning on staying home with the children? If you don’t think that will work in your budget or you aren’t sure how to make it work, talk it over with them. The counselor can help you guys set a plan to try to keep your spouse home, or you home, and will help everyone be realistic. If you aren’t sure that you want to go to premarital counseling, you will be surprised to see how helpful it can be. The counselor will make you talk about things that you don’t want to discuss, or that you haven’t thought off, so you can start your marriage with a plan. For more information, talk to a professional like The Center for Family Counseling,...

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3 Great Benefits Of Ongoing Individual Therapy

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You should consider individual therapy counseling if you want to begin reaping some serious mental health benefits. Mental health is receiving serious attention in this day and age, which is a positive thing, since it has been stigmatized for some time. If you have ever considered getting counseling before, take heed to the information below so that you can understand the advantages of mental health and get the help of a counseling professional.  Benefit #1: A Counselor Can Help You Remain Accountable To Your Goals And Objectives Goal accountability is something that is drastically important, though most people do not have it. When you reach out to a mental health professional, they can act as a life coach of sorts, allowing you to enjoy the mental benefits of setting and achieving goals. They will help you start incremental goals that will greatly boost your life so that you are able to make strides in your professional life, personal life, health and fitness, and any other issues that will help you overcome mental blocks. They will provide a constant little nudge and reminder to you as you look to grow stronger, while improving your mental standing. Benefit #2: Speaking To A Mental Health Professional Is Excellent For Long-term Care Therapists are also an excellent resource because they will be there for you for a long period of time. Stressors and mental blocks did not manifest overnight — instead, it took many years for your mental standing to reach the point it is now. For that reason, you should not expect to beat depression and other mental issues with the snap of a finger. These professionals are dedicated to helping you with any sort of psychoanalytical treatment for the long haul, keeping detailed history that will serve you as you get better with each and every session. Benefit #3: Individual Therapy Sessions Can Help You Overcome Serious And Dangerous Patterns Counseling sessions are also beneficial in rewriting patterns that led to severe and ongoing problems, such as addiction, eating disorders and phobias. These severe issues make it very difficult to live a regular quality of life and should be treated with seriousness. Your therapist will be able to provide you with therapy sessions that will work excellently in conjunction with medicines. Take advantage of these benefits by getting in touch with a professional counselor today. Contact a company like Joy Miller & Associates – Counseling & Wellness Center for more...

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