Signs It Might Be Time For Marriage Counseling

Counseling can be a great way to resolve some issues in your marriage and to grow a stronger bond between the two of you. To help you decide if you may be in need of marriage counseling, you will want to read through the following points.

The Cause Of The Arguments Is Unclear

Have you recently found that you and your spouse are arguing over trivial things that you might not normally argue over? It could be that the tension that is felt is not the result of what you claim that you are arguing about. There may be an underlying issue that has yet to be resolved and it is causing the two of you to argue over just about anything. Therefore, if you have found that your arguments are a lot worse than before and that you really do not seem to be arguing over the obvious, it might be time to speak to a professional marriage counselor.

There Has Been Infidelity In The Marriage

Some couples automatically decide that there is no chance for the marriage once infidelity becomes an issue. Others are determined to make it work, and others may need help figuring out whether or not the marriage is able to be saved. Regardless, you may want to attend some marriage counseling sessions. This way, you and your spouse can not only figure out why it happened, but how the spouse that was hurt can emotionally heal from such a betrayal, whether the marriage remains intact or not. Also, if there is a solid chance of the issues being resolved and the marriage continuing on, both of you will need to learn coping skills and discover ways to heal and move on from this experience. The best advice for all of this will come from a reputable marriage counselor.

You Are Leading Separate Lives

There is nothing wrong with having your own schedule and interests in life that extend past your marriage. However, there is a big difference between you and your spouse having some separate interests and living more like roommates than husband and wife. If you find that you and your spouse are starting to feel more like strangers passing in the hall, you will want to make an appointment to speak with a counselor. Your skilled counselor will help you figure out some methods for reconnecting with one another so you can begin to rebuild your relationship.

For more information, contact Timothy D. Berry, Ph.D. or a similar counseling professional.